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Everthe8: The Fresh Prince of Russian Hip-Hop

Timur Bubeev aka Everthe8 is a 29 years old hip-hop artist born in Ulan-Ude, Buryatia (a small Russian province, near Lake Baikal). As far back as a year ago, he had to look for money to heat up his house in Ulan-Ude with firewood. He was into building construction in order to earn some money and eventually buy the required computer to be able to record music. Today on the radio, they call him "The future of the Russian rap", "The brightest freshman of 2019" or "The first Russian to hit Billboard" and so on. In Ulan-Ude, he's already a national hero and you can here his music practically from everywhere there. His nation takes pride on him.

In April 2019, Everthe8 met Bonics (Wiz Khalifa’s DJ) in the studio of the Russian radio station “Studio21”. The latter highly evaluated all the rapper’s tracks, downloading and admiring them on air. Apple Music have supported the release of "8th The Human"album – singles hit top 4 playlists.

His song "Gimme Dat" entered the rotation of the Russian Radio Station "DFM" and "Heart On The Sleeve" has recently hit the rotation of "Like FM" (these are one of the most popular Russian Radio Stations). Listeners are attracted by his touching story, authenticity and deep delving into music.

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