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Stay in the Loop with WG Wavvy

WG Wavvy, born Wendell Nylvin Phillips Jr., is making waves in the rap music scene. Despite a turbulent upbringing during the Liberian War, WG's passion for music, instilled by his mother, became his guiding light.

Growing up in Northeast Philly, WG honed his musical talents within the church, mastering freestyling and instruments from a tender age. By 10, he was already making waves in the church's media department.

While facing the harsh realities of street violence in places like Ewing and Trenton, WG remained focused on his goals, caring for his siblings and excelling academically and athletically.

After relocating to Columbus, Ohio, WG continued his musical journey, self-taught in recording and producing tracks. He released his debut album, "Halos and Thorn's," at just 16 years old, consistently dropping captivating music thereafter.

WG's talent has garnered attention from industry veterans like Diggy Dulche and NesWords. Notable hits such as "Appearance," "If I robbed," and "Big Body" showcase his versatility and knack for crafting relatable lyrics.

Though unsigned, WG's work ethic and unwavering dedication make him a force to be reckoned with. Beyond music, he actively contributes to the community, lending his skills in engineering, graphic design, and even hairstyling.

In his own words, WG declares, "If you ain't heard what it was, I'ma show you what it is." With each release, he reinforces his undeniable talent and drive, solidifying his presence in the rap music realm.

Written By: YerrMagg


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