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Tweety Byrd Central's Artist Spotlight - Muddbaby Spade

I'm a 30 yr old artist from Cedartown, GA . I was sentenced to 40 yrs served 10 yrs for armed robbery in December of 2008. I've been doing music since I was 12. I'm a rapper, singer, and a songwriter, also an independent artist looking to expand across the world and let them know my story. I grew up in the trenches my mom and dad fell victim to drugs so I had to make a way for my grandma so we wouldn't starve. Unfortunately, it cost me time out my life and before I could be released she passed away. So, at this point, I’m going to live and keep pushing my music and my dream, because I know she would've wanted me to. I'm a father now and I just want to get this music off the ground to support my kids and my family.

—Muddbaby Spade

Facebook: Muddbaby Spade


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