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Tweety Byrd Central's Artist Spotlight - Uncle Gooz

Uncle Gooz - Toledo, Ohio based rapper, producer, songwriter, and CEO

Real G Records

Gooz Bump Muzic


In His Own Words...

I don't care to be a famous rapper I just love the craft and I'm pretty good at it. Been In the game for 25+ years. I started writing and producing my own songs around 14 yrs old recording in a 64 digital track professional studio and I been going ever since. Being original is the key don't nobody sound like me. Its a lot of cats when you hear them rap you can tell who they emulate themselves after and I pride myself on not sounding like the next. I listen to all music but its something about spiting rhymes, lyrics, and metaphors that makes me feel like for that moment while I'm spiting I'm just truly better than everybody else.

My accolades and accomplishments to the rap game ESPECIALLY locally where I'm from gives me legendary status. I was at the forefront of almost everything that had to do with the Toledo rap scene from big time local shows or opening for big time artist. To producing countless glass city bangers for other artist and working with and influencing many to become artist on top of creating one of the most SUCCESSFUL music events in the city's history HOODSTOCK.

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