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The King Is Rising Above It All

King (real name is Darius King) is an up coming artist from Columbus, GA. He was born on the 20th of June in 1994. Raised up from the streets of O.P. ( real name is Oakland Park) attending schools in the neighborhood (Key Elementary in Eddy Middle School), King also attended other middle schools due to moving around the Columbus area. King was not to fond of school. So when he turn 16, he and his mother agreed that Job Corp would be better for his future career. Job Corp taught him many skill sets. He winded up taking up landscape and received his high school diploma back in 2010. Only doing six-month of Job Corp, King decided to come back home to the streets of Columbus.

King and his childhood friend decided to start recording themselves on his friend's laptop yet still trying to find himself and never took his music career too seriously. King started working oddball jobs with moving from home to home and even winded up homeless from a short time. King managed to still be a part of the music life. In 2017, he moved in with his cousin who also rap and recorded himself. It would not be until 2022 when the artist would have his big break. King helped one of his childhood classmates with her music career. He believed in her so much he quit both of his jobs just to start pushing her music not knowing that he would be introduced to Johnny Taylor Entertainment.

King had set up an interview with Kid Entertainment to speak about his childhood classmate music and was introduced to Johnny Taylor Entertainment. King and Johnny started hosting a show at The Suite in Columbus. The Suite would be the first place King perform as a dancer host by Johnny Taylor Entertainment. Being new to the business, King was eager to learn more and more about the business. He ventured into social media meeting many artists, managers, and producers.

Quinton Miles, owner of My Life Entertainment, would be the first person to give King a chance to perform his first song "Out My Elements" at Martini's. This opened doors for King to perform at King Claw, Aces, The Suite, and more shows at Martini's. This increased his opportunity to work with My Life Entertainment and to perform for the award show lunch panel where he was interviewed by Boom In Your Face and Tee Recx of 2 Factor Media & The Hype Magazine. King has also been on podcast Hot 706.6 and Batz United. Now, King is currently working on his EP titled "The Streets Of OP" that will be released on all platforms on Halloween Eve 2022.

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