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Trendz Luciano's Tha Popular Loner 2 Listening Party Recap... Tha Popular Loner 2, Trendz Luciano

Written By The Maine Event (Jermaine Houston)

Atlanta, Georgia

Trendz Luciano new LP "Tha Popular Loner 2"
Trendz Luciano - Tha Popular Loner 2

Tee Recx and I (The Maine Event) had the opportunity to attend a private listening party featuring Trendz Luciano for his new LP "Tha Popular Loner 2" at The Kolab. The atmosphere and vibe in the studio were of excitement and anticipation. Watching and Listening to Trendz' introduction of his new music project, had me wanting to dance but I really can't dance 😂😂😂. I wanted to learn the lyrics on the fly. The world needs to be ready as Trendz Luciano. He is about blaze his own trail and take the ATL and his fanbase by storm.

Tha Popular Loner 2, Trendz Luciano


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