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Welcome Back & Thank You

College Football

A football field is measured 100 yards long x 53⅓ yards wide. For some it's just a field, for others it's sacred ground. For me, it's my safe haven, my go to place to get away from my troubles. My own little slice of heaven.

University of Michigan
The Big House

From the Bounce house to the Big House, The Palace on the Plains to the loveliest little village. It's the 12th man, the whiteouts, enter sandman and 2001 followed up with a little Kernkraft. It's all about the Bevos and Ralphies, UGAs and Bully's and who can't forget about the Tiger named Mike.

Auburn University
Toomer's Corner

Oh college football, I missed you so. The banter between fans, the yell of Go Dawgs and War Eagle, Boomer Sooner, and that sweet spelling of O-H-I-O!! Can't wait to hear the battle hymn of UGA, The Eyes of Texas and seeing Spirit soar over Jordan-Hare. Welcome back to the boys of fall. And thank you football for saving this boy's life.

Oklahoma Sooners
University of Oklahoma

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Sep 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love your passion for football

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