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Who will win the $300 YerrMagg!! Grant?

Welcome, readers, to the annual YERRMAGG grant ceremony! It's that time of year when we gather to honor and support hardworking individuals who embody positivity, growth, and community engagement. This year, we have 20 exceptional nominees who excel in their fields.

These nominees have been carefully chosen for their dedication and commitment to making a difference. They inspire us with their hard work and uplift those around them. They are the driving force behind positive change. While we await the announcement of the remaining nominees, let's celebrate those already on the list:

  1. Misschevious Lee

  2. SlimT

  3. Sereena Walker

  4. Jolie Ventin

  5. Pmd ShoeBox

  6. Trackstar Williams

  7. Jbunny Solomon

  8. Gee TãhRyá

  9. Earl Angel

  10. Itsreally Roger

  11. Ricky Raw

  12. Tas Mania

  13. Buddie Pachino

  14. TwoLetters OneNumber

  15. Tekkii Sue

  16. Breezie Kzer

  17. Tivoni

  18. Toni Tone

  19. Kymia Haywood

  20. Nailed Mee

Who should win the $300 grant?

  • Misschevious Lee

  • Tim Wayne

  • Sereena Walker

  • Jolie Ventin

These individuals have exceptional talents and inspire us with their passion. We're excited to showcase their work, which aligns with our values. Mark August 1st on your calendar, readers. That's when the official voting begins. Your voice matters in deciding the grant recipient. Stay tuned for exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes stories, and features on each nominee, offering more profound insights into their remarkable journeys. Join us in celebrating these deserving nominees and their magic. Let's support and uplift these extraordinary individuals who continue to inspire us all.

Written By: YerrMagg


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